Dream For A Dream

I want to introduce my community development program to turn vacant Detroit properties into vibrant neighborhoods. I plan to implement this agenda by employing a buy one give one project, it’s called “A Dream for A Dream”. Simply put, as a realtor I will help many to buy theirDream home in turn I will take my commission and purchase/renovate a vacant Detroit property to give a rental family the Dream of a decent place to stay.

 I love Detroit, for all it’s worth. I hate seeing my city in disrepair, I hate reading and listening to local and national news reports calling my city a lost cause…as if Detroiters ever quit…NO! We Hustle Harder!! So this is my call to action to myself and I am asking everyone who wants to see Detroit saved one block at a time to support me and my team in this effort. Thank You.

FYI: How can you help? Allow me to help you sell your house or to help you buy or rent a new home. It starts with effort.

Contact me at mirelocs@gmail.com or 313-622-3377.

Thanks ,

Robert Williams